Coil Springs

Pedders offer a range of coil springs:

  • Pedders Heavy Duty
  • SportsRyder
  • TrakRyder

Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs are Designed for standard and raised height replacement coil springs for passenger and light commercial vehicles. These coils offer unrivalled levels of ride control, handling and load carrying capabilities

Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs

Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs are a premium range of lowered coil springs for sports and performance applications. They are built to standards with tolerance of only +/-2mm at loaded ride height Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs are simply unrivalled in terms of handling, vehicle appearance and performance.

Pedders TrakRyder Coil Springs

TrakRyder coils are heavy duty units that provide the precise rate needed to carry the mass of heavy 4WD vehicle bodies and wheel assemblies. TrakRyder coils are made at Pedders’ hi-tech spring manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia, from the highest quality spring steel and are produced according to a strictly controlled design. The manufacturing and testing process ensures Pedders coils exceed original tolerances and are equal to or exceed the best in the world in consistency of rate, loaded height and reliability.