Suspension Bushes

Pedders Urethane Bushes

Pedders Urethane bushes have a high capacity to bear tension, compression and friction and retain their hardness, even under the most adverse conditions. This makes them well suited to the demands of heavy load carrying, firm suspension control or where regular exposure to corrosive materials is expected.

Another major advantage of Pedders urethane bushes is they can be used to solve wheel alignment problems. This is particularly relevant for most front-wheel drive vehicles, as they do not have provision for wheel alignment correction. With these types of cars, as the suspension wears with age, vehicles can suffer from unnecessary tyre wear and unsafe handling. When this happens, usually a result of original rubber bushes being too soft or over compliant for NVH, Pedders preset urethane bushes, with offset caster, make the ideal replacement.

In driving terms, this means better road holding, increased tyre life, more responsive steering and a longer service life of suspension components with minimal effect on NVH.

Other features of Pedders Urethane Bushes are:

  • Hardened crush tubes for longer life and to eliminate slippage or creep.
  • A double helix, used against the outer diameter of the crush tube. The double helix maintains axial location while allowing full rotation of the pivot. It also acts as a grease reservoir that further increases product
  • Knurling. For extra protection against adverse wear in heavily laden bushings.
  • Bullet Grooves. These provide the correct pre-load while at the same time accommodating a wide variance in sizes and maintaining free pivoting of the bushings.



Pedders Rubber Bushes

Pedders have spent many years developing a comprehensive range of rubber bushes for all applications each designed to allow flexibility of movement of the entire suspension while maintaining correct mounting and alignment of individual parts.

Rubber Bushes for cars are used to position suspension and steering components such as sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars and control arms. In addition, rubber bushes help absorb road shock and enhance comfort while some are designed to reduce noise vibration and harshness.

Worn rubber bushes can cause rapid tyre wear, loose or pulling steering and in some cases effect braking and handling.

By upgrading the original bushes to superior Pedders products which are designed for specific use, a vehicle’s general handling and its ability to perform in certain conditions can be dramatically improved.